Fashion Challenge Friday

OK, we are back. This time we are back just so we can participate at M3’s fun “Fashion Challenge Friday.”

I’m not sure how many times we will be participating because Emma shows no interest on picking out her own clothes. I’m very happy that she feels this way because I completely LOVE to pick out her clothes. I’m trying to let her pick her own clothes when we don’t go out but most of the time she likes to stay with her PJs on or wear her favorite PINK princess dress.

In case you haven’t notice, Emma’s favorite color is PINK, PINK and more PINK!

The first thing she picked out was the white and pink polka-dot blouse then she picked out the pants and then she looked for another pink blouse. She picked her own hair clippie and the high heels (I’m surprised she picked red high heels when she has at least three pairs of pink ones.)

These photos were taken on April 28th

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M3 said...

Fun!!! Ro is our pink girl too, as much pink as she can find. Love that beaded curtain, by the way.